Creosote Conditioning 2018-02-22T18:31:35+00:00

The best way to handle creosote is to use your system in a manner that does not allow creosote to deposit in the flue.  Able Wood & Gas can give you tips on how to do this.  It’s probably the most fundamental thing that users should think about when making decisions about the type of wood to burn, how much wood to burn, and how to set the air check (the air intake on most woodstoves).

If creosote is found in the flue and it won’t come off with a brush, Able Wood & Gas can apply a 100% non-toxic creosote conditioning chemical to the affected areas.  After a few hot fires, the chemical causes the creosote to become less flammable and flaky.  A subsequent cleaning should do the job of getting rid of the rest.