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Corporate sweeps

In my opinion, you get better and more effective service if the owner of the business is present.  It’s not just a job for us at Able Wood & Gas.  We guarantee that the owner, Sid Gruich, will be present at every job and perform the bulk of the work.  Every job is performed in a manner which allows our customers to recommend Able Wood & Gas with confidence.

Brush jockeys

Brush jockeys are sweeps that rely on customer trust to do as little as possible.  Typically, they will only brush the flue, collect your money, and drive away ignoring the rest of the job.  All of the brushed material needs to be removed, the entire system inspected and cleaned and reassembled.  Cleaning a chimney isn’t as straight forward as cleaning a carpet, it’s more like getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist, the cleaning is important, but so is educating the customer on how to use and take care of your teeth.  Please see ‘Part-Time Sweeps’.

Part-Time sweeps

Part-time sweeps, typically, don’t have the right tools to do the job on every system they clean.  They also don’t have the right parts.  It’s important to have a van packed full of tools, a good quality vacuum and parts for the job.  Also, important is the experience they don’t have.  A part-time sweep may tell you they have 10 years of experience, but hide the fact that they are part time.  What about insurance?  The problems are endless and the money you might save will disappear soon in the cost of repairs.

Crown Waterproofing

All chimney sweeps provide a wide array services over and above the cleaning of chimneys.  One of which is waterproofing.  Roofing tar is not a suitable water proofing agent.  It is combustible and only lasts 2 to 3 years before it cracks.  After it cracks, it traps and holds the water in the chimney.  It will actually accelerate the damage.  Also, once the tar is applied, proper waterproofing won’t stick to it.  Roofing tar is the most common form of waterproofing.  It’s the worst material you can use.

Proper waterproofing should be a latex base.  It must be applied to bare, dry masonry.  It will last up to 15 years.

Waterproofing the Brick (clearcoat)

Brick and other masonry need to breathe.  Waterproofing your brick with a clearcoat will only accelerate water damage.  Waterproof the crown instead and fix the crown so it protects the chimney properly.  Replace bad brick before the bricks underneath start to spall.

Prefabricated Chimney Crowns

This is a favourite item for chimney rebuilders.  They are terrible, the rebar is too close the surface and will absorb water, rust, swell, and destroy the crown.  Also, the drip undercuts are washed out and ineffective.  Another issue is poor fit.  If they are too small for the chimney, then the drip edge becomes ineffective.