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Chimney Liners

At Able Wood and Gas, we install only the highest quality stainless steel liners to your wood burning appliance.  If the appliance is gas, we will install stainless steel or the highest quality aluminum liners.  Not only is the quality of the liner very important, but the installation itself is very important as any holes in the liner are near impossible to detect until the damage to the chimney or house is noticeable.  Aluminum liners can last as little as two years if not installed properly.  Aluminum is inferior to stainless steel, but sometimes the cost of stainless steel is prohibitive.  If you require an aluminum liner, you need a quality liner and a quality installer.  Aluminum liners rarely outlast the lifespan of the appliance they serve, although they are rarely replaced when the appliances are.

Able Wood & Gas is the only chimney sweeping company in Waterloo Region with a licensed gas fitter for installing liners.