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WETT Inspections for Insurance

There are two types of inspections we perform.  The first are WETT inspectionsOnly WETT certified chimney sweeps trained in inspection can perform WETT inspections.  They are official insurance inspections that are performed for insurance companies and for homeowner’s peace of mind.  They involve an inspection of the entire system and comparing the system to the WETT standard for building codes.  If the system passes, we write on the invoice that a Level 1 inspection has occurred and no deficiencies were found.  If the system fails, then we itemize the failure(s) and talk about the necessity and cost of repair.  At Able Wood & Gas, we perform a lot of different types of repairs, so we don’t leave you with problems and no solutions.

The second type of inspection is a general inspectionThis is included with the cost of a cleaning, or you can be charged separately if no cleaning is required.  We will visually inspect the unit from top to bottom, let you know what you need to know about the unit, and answer any questions you might have.  We will review the integrity of the system including, but not limited to, the chimney, the flue, the fireplace or wood-stove itself, its connection to the chimney, and the surrounding area.  This type of inspection is less expensive than a WETT inspection because your invoice will not include the words ‘safe’ or ‘OK to use’.  If you need to have the words ‘safe’, ‘OK to use’, or ‘meets code’ in writing then ask us for a WETT inspection.